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Designation of Agency Representative - OEA

An Agency may be represented by an individual of its choice in any appeal filed with OEA unless that choice results in a conflict of interest for the person chosen. When the Agency chooses a representative, the Agency should make sure that the representative is able to proceed on behalf of the Agency, so that a timely decision can be issued.

The Agency Representative assists and counsels the Agency in the preparation and presentation of the Agency's defense to an appeal. The Agency  Representative appears on behalf of the Agency during Pre-hearing Conferences, Hearings, Status Conferences, or other proceedings before OEA.

All communications from OEA, and from other parties to the appeal, will be directed to the Agency Representative. Therefore, the Agency should ensure that mail directed to the address listed below will be promptly received by the Agency Representative.

The Agency may cancel this designation at any time. However, the cancellation must be in writing and copies must be sent to all parties by either certified mail or personal delivery.

If the Agency chooses to designate an Agency Representative, this form must be completed in its entirety, and submitted